Saturday, August 30, 2008

Top 10 Movie Robots!

This is my own personal list and it’s based and nothing but my own conclusions and tastes. Also, I’m not including Six from Battlestar Galactic (even though I think she’s Top 10 material) because she’s on TV or R. Daneel Olivaw who I believe is the best fictional robot of all time, because he’s in novels. These are just movie robot. Feel free to suggest your own or dispute the order.

10) Gigolo Joe- He was the best part of A.I. The main character kid was kinda lame. Plus, he's the only sex bot on this list.

9) Sonny – His design is really cool, like an anthropomorphic Mac. Even though he was in the shadow of Will Smith, I'm hoping if he gets more screen time in I, Robot 2 he'll move up on this list.

8) C-3PO – This prissy ass robot always manages to be at the center of galaxy changing events… and survives! He’s probably the bravest bot on this list because he feels fear (or the computerized version of it) and still faces danger for his friends.

7) The Little Robots from Batteries Not Included- I was actually considering Johnny 5 for this position but these little guys from the same era are so much better! They're mysterious, alien, and freaking cute.

6) Andrew – I went into Bicentennial Man thinking it was going to suck, but Andrew won me over. Also he’s the only robot on this list to actually achieve humanity.

5) The Terminator – I’m lumping all the Arnold versions of the Terminator here even though they were three different robots. As an assassin he was cold and terrifying and as a protector he was just badass. Although I do like T-1000 more, Arnold managed to beat him, thus proving his ultimate superiority.

4) Bumblebee – I considered putting Optimus Prime here, but let’s be honest, Bumblebee is way cooler and totally stole the movie.

3) R2-D2 - C-3PO’s better half. He’s like a Swiss Army Knife and an Action Hero rolled into one, like a mecha MacGyver. I have no doubt this little robot would kick the metal crap out of any robot on this list, including the Terminator!

2) Data – The destination is not as important as the journey. If Andrew achieved humanity, Data's struggle to reach it is what makes him great. He's also the most complex character on this list. Hell, he'd totally be #1 if the current #1 wasn't so damned irresistible.

1) WALL-E – Pure cinematic perfection.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sexy Seedster vs Hiro Nakamura

With the addition of Hiro's super fast nemesis and despite the horrible crap that was season 2 of Heroes, I am still looking forward to season 3. I have faith that the show's creators have learned from past mistakes and without the looming writer's strike, the show has to be at least on par with the first season… right?

So why do I give this show so many chances and invent so many excuses for it, when everyone else I know has stopped watching? Because I'm a sad geek.

Even though I've been disappointed by this show over and over again, I still get a stupid smile on my face when Hiro and Ando or Clair and Bennet are on screen.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is the blog formally known as Cocuyo. I changed the title because there was some confusion between it and my other blog, The Incredible Cocuyo. Hopefully, this will keep them distinct for readers.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Am Officially a Librarian!

Pic by Ian Simmons
I just finished my Masters in Library and Information Science. (Didn’t know you needed a Masters to be a Library Scientist, huh? I didn’t either when I started! Imagine the horror when I learned my hard-earned Bachelors wasn’t good enough!!!) I will say that despite all my crying and complaining these two years have flown by and now I am done. MUAHAHAH!

In another cruel twist of fate, I am the Children’s and Young Adult Librarian at the JFK Library. This is only ironic if you’re privy to the fact that I grew up coming to this library. I used to steal (um, borrow and then forget to return) the comics, I used to skate in the parking lot and front steps to the detriment of older patrons who were afraid a stray skateboard would crush their weak ankles, I used to play games for hours on the computers and argue with the staff, and most importantly I supplemented my crappy Dade County Public School education at JFK.

And now, I am forced to track down and replace conveniently forgotten comics (called manga now) with an ever-shrinking budget. I have to shoo away the rowdy skaters and threaten them with the police, while secretly admiring their awesome Kick-flips or Ollies. I have to tell the geeky kid, ready for a day of gaming, that PC Reservation won’t allow him to use the computer because he owes $5.20 (for that manga he’s yet to return.)

Of course, I turn a blind eye a lot of the time because these little bastards are inadvertently learning something while they hang out at the library (Lord knows I did!) and you never know which one will be the next Library Scientist.