Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Green Hornet! Whoo!

When I was a kid I was a big fan of The Green Hornet TV show. It was a lot like Batman, only with more kung fu and less camp. Although, I liked Brit Reed as the Green Hornet, I absolutely loved Bruce Lee as Kato. He’s really what kept me watching. So when I heard that the Green Hornet was heading to the big screen, I was totally underwhelmed. My mind instantly flashed to a joyless adaptation with Tom Cruise as the Green Hornet and Jet Li as Kato.

Luckily, real life turned out to be weirder and cooler than I imagined. When Seth Rogen (Super Bad, Knocked up, Pineapple Express) was named not only writer, but as staring as the Green Hornet I couldn’t help but get excited. NOW though we hear that the brilliant Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle) is not just going to play Kato, but he's going to direct the damned movie too… I am totally ecstatic!

I may be setting myself up for major disappointment with these high expectations, but I don’t think so… these guys are going to knock it out of the park!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What can I say... I'm a Swamp Rat!

Maybe it's cause I was born and raised in Florida, but I find great pleasure in trudging through the muck of the Everglades. It's beautiful country. Personally, I prefer canoeing and hiking, but I'm starting to like horseback riding through the trails. If you want see our swamp ( which my wife is quick to point out that it's not a swamp at all, but a river of grass) I'd suggest Everglades National Park or Big Cypress, but if you want a small taste of our wetlands without running into a gator I'd highly recommend Chapel Trail in Pembroke Pines.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Armadillo Aerospace News

Armadillo Aerospace has won the first level of the Lunar Lander Challenge X Prize! I’ve been a big fan of these challenges and for the past three years I’ve seen Armadillo almost make it. Tomorrow they try for the second level so if all goes well, when Americans go back to the moon, they’ll be touching down on the regolith with Armadillo landers.

In other news, Armadillo Aerospace has teamed up with the Rocket Racing League to not only build a fleet of racers that will streak through the atmosphere, but to also design and build a new craft (with a transparent bubble-shaped cockpit) that will shoot out into space! I can already envision rocket drag races with orbit as the finish line.

Update on the Lunar Lander Challenge: Armadillo Aerospace wasn't able to win the second level of the event because their lander stalled and fell over. Still, they won $350,000 from the first level and they'll try again sometime in early 2009.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

CUBA a comic by Miche Fiffe

I wasn't planning to post today, but my friend, Frank, just sent me a link to this comic and I was blown away, not only by the superb art, but by its authenticity. As a Cuban-American and unabashed comic geek, I have to say that I totally loved this comic. The depiction of young Michel's visit to Cuba and his interaction with his family their was dead on. I highly recommend it and I look forward to seeing more of his work.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The CW Don't Like Dick!

From the same insipid minds that brought you Smallville comes a new show that's bound to suck tremendous ass.... The Graysons! This is the story of Robin before he meets Batman. Um, so he's a circus acrobat. I'm riveted already. To add insult to injury, the CW figured that Dick's name is too offensive for prime time so they'll be calling him DJ instead. D fucking J! sigh.

Now, I do like Robin (a lot) and the animated Teen Titans proves Robin can carry a show… but as Robin. Thing with Dick (or DJ) is that much like Batman, he only becomes interesting after his parent’s death and soon after that he meets Batman so there isn't much time to explore the character's inner demons and motivations.

And look, if I thought this would be a cool combo between Carnivàle and Veronica Mars (which it could be in the right hands) I'd watch faithfully, but let's be honest... I never could watch an episode of Smallville (expect when they have Bart on the show) so I fear this is going to be on the same level of crappiness. Hey, wait! There’s a thought… why not give Bart his own show? I'd buy that.