Sunday, October 5, 2008

The CW Don't Like Dick!

From the same insipid minds that brought you Smallville comes a new show that's bound to suck tremendous ass.... The Graysons! This is the story of Robin before he meets Batman. Um, so he's a circus acrobat. I'm riveted already. To add insult to injury, the CW figured that Dick's name is too offensive for prime time so they'll be calling him DJ instead. D fucking J! sigh.

Now, I do like Robin (a lot) and the animated Teen Titans proves Robin can carry a show… but as Robin. Thing with Dick (or DJ) is that much like Batman, he only becomes interesting after his parent’s death and soon after that he meets Batman so there isn't much time to explore the character's inner demons and motivations.

And look, if I thought this would be a cool combo between Carniv├ále and Veronica Mars (which it could be in the right hands) I'd watch faithfully, but let's be honest... I never could watch an episode of Smallville (expect when they have Bart on the show) so I fear this is going to be on the same level of crappiness. Hey, wait! There’s a thought… why not give Bart his own show? I'd buy that.


puccalove said...

Dude your such a nerd with size 72 Font!!!!...and you want Bart to have a show because he is the Flash...I get it, The Flash is a much kooler superhero then Robin so why doesn't he have a show!!!

Alex Hernandez said...

"Dude your such a nerd with size 72 Font!!!"

Hahaha, every time you say that it cracks me up!

Frank said...

Heh. Dick. That was good.

Alex Hernandez said...

Thank you, sir.