Friday, November 9, 2007

La Gigantona

I promised a coworker that my next blog post would be about La Gigantona. This is a Nicaraguan tradition where a giant lady is paraded down the street and dances with a bigheaded dwarf called El Cabezon. The kids usually take to the streets to get treats (some of the younger ones I’m told are afraid of this odd couple.

Curiosity got the best of me and I did a quick online search to find out more about the origin of this custom. It seems this was a way for the native Nicaraguans to make fun of their Spanish conquistadors. La Gigantona is supposed to be a tall Spanish lady, with all her ridiculous pomp and pageantry and El Cabezon represents the native Nicaraguan, shorter, but much more clever (hence the massive cranium).

I love these guys.

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Yesenia said...

While I was reading your blog, so many memories came to my mind. It brought many memories of my childhood. True! All children were afraid of just looking at it; it was fun to see other children just right behind her.