Friday, April 4, 2008

I figured out who the final Cylon is!

I think I’ve figured out who the final Cylon is on the show Battlestar Galactica. This isn’t strictly a spoiler because this is simply my speculation but just in case I’d stop reading here if you don’t even want to speculate.

If you look at this sketch of the final five you’ll notice that it seems like they are 3 males and 2 females. So the last Cylon to be revealed is probably a woman.

The show runners have said that the mystery Cylon isn’t in the above picture. The individual would probably go in the gap between Tigh and Lee Adama. Instead there is a chalice. If you’ve read or seen the Da Vinci Code you know that a chalice is a feminine symbol so right off the bat I’m thinking the Cylon is clearly a woman. Also, I think it’s telling that Lee is by himself when Kara is with her Cylon husband, Anders, on the other side of the table. Where is Dualla?

Think about it. All the major players in human affairs is coupled with a Cylon: Adama has Tigh, Roslin has Tory, Starbuck has Anders, Baltar has Six. (Okay… I' not sure how the Chief applies, but maybe he’s like Boomer in that he was sent to breed.) Why doesn’t Lee, who has been a heavy hitter from the start, have a companion Cylon? Maybe he does.

If you look at Anastasia Dualla’s bio page on the Battlestar Galactica Wiki you’ll read that the name Dualla is linguistically related to the word Duality, something composed of two things (such as a humanoid Cylon). Also the name Anastasia is Greek for “Resurrection”. This wouldn’t be the first case of a Cylon infiltrator using a variant of the word resurrection as an alias. The Six in the Pegasus, Gina Inviere, notes that "inviere" is the Old Gemenese word for "resurrection". There are other linguistic clues thoughout the series, such as the Cylon (Lucy Lawless) that was looking for the final five was called D'Ana and the ship that was captured during the first Cylon War (whose crew was used to create the humanoid Cylons) was called the Diana... (Dee Ana)stasia!

This could all be a massive red herring, but why go to all the trouble of laying these subtle clues just to misdirect viewers?


wickedneuron said...

When you see this week's episode, you'll know what the (if not one of many) fundamental difference is between these Cylons and the regular Cylons.

And I think you'll change your mind about it being a chick. Check back with me.

Myles said...

I would tend to think that Dualla's appearance in that final scene would seem to indicate that she could potentially be the final Cylon model, and that it would perhaps now make even more sense if Lee becomes President during this important period.

But I still won't place any bets, there's too much madness in Ronald D. Moore's head to possibly gamble on the outcome. I'd say your theory is picking up steam, though!