Thursday, June 5, 2008


Last night I started going to yoga class. An hour into it time lost all meaning. I can’t say for sure if it was the swirling incense, the faux-Indian music, or my blurring vision, but as I held myself in some inhuman position, sweat generously running down my nose, chin, and earlobes, my body shaking like a cold Chihuahua... I came to an ultimate truth: I am soft in the middle.

Now this isn’t a spiritual truth, although I’m sure it wouldn’t be too far off the mark, this is harsh, material truth. For all my running and working out my abs and lower back are so soft and weak that even Lord Ganesh himself had to laugh.

I think I’ll stick with yoga, if only to strengthen my core… And you never know if that strength will eventually translate to another plane.

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Frank said...

Don't feel bad. I'm starting Yoga next Tuesday night, actually.

I do not need sweat, pain, and false gods to tell me I am soft in the middle. I know that truth. I know the Buddha who lives in there chants to the microwave ding of newly warmed Soft Batch cookies.