Saturday, January 9, 2010

Patternist Series

I'm a big fan of Octavia Butler and I loved her Xenogenesis Trilogy, which I read reprinted at Lilith's Brood a few years back. So after overdosing on the wonderful Hanish Cycle novels I wanted something different but I was still hankering her good old sci-fi that dealt with social issues. I picked up the Patternist Series (collected in Seed to Harvest) and really enjoyed it, especially the brilliant first half composed of Wild Seed and Mind of My Mind.

If you've never read Octavia Butler, I highly recommend her work. Xenogenesis is just awesome and Wild Seed and Mind of My Mind are must reads. My wife also recommends Kindred and Fledgling.

Anyone read her Parable series? How was it?

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Stephen said...

I just read the first one, having read all of Butler's other books (save Survivor, which was never reprinted & Butler repudiated). It's quite good -- a slightly weaker beginning than some of her other works, but it gets better quickly and never stops. Highly recommended.

Although I think her very best novel is clearly Kindred.

Also, three of her short stories -- Bloodchild, Speech Sounds and And the Evening and the Morning and the Night -- are as good as any long fiction she published. Bloodchild is arguably her finest fiction -- tied with Kindred, I'd say, although totally different.